Friday, 15 May 2015

Basic General knowledge : (National insignia) for ssc ,upsc and other competitive exams

1.) When was the National Flag of India first displayed? 
Ans. Midnight of 16 January 1974 
2.) How many spokes are there in the wheel (Chakra) of the National Flag of India? 
Ans. 24 
3.) What is approximate diameter of the wheel (Chakra) of National Flag? 

Ans. Less than half of the width of the whole flag 
4.) The Indian Flag is rectangular in shape and the ratio of the length to breadth is?
Ans. 2 : 1 
5.) The cloth of National Flag of India is? 
Ans. Cotton Poplin 
6.) The colour of Chakra (wheel) in the white band of the National Flag is ______. 
Ans. Blue black 
7.) From where has the design of the wheel on white band of Indian National Flag been taken? 
Ans. Symbol of industrialization
8.) Out of five stanzas of National Anthem of India, how many stanzas have been adopted by the Defence Forces? 
Ans. Only first stanza 
9.) When was the State Emblem of India adopted by Government of India? 
Ans. 26 January 1950 
10.) How many Lions are visible in the State Emblem of India? 
Ans. Three full 
11.) National Emblem of India is an adaptation from ____.
Ans.the Sarnath Lion Capital of Ashoka 
12.) The words ‘Satya Meva Jayate’ from the Mundaka Upanishad are related to —¬ 
Ans. National Emblem of India 
13.) Which is the National Animal of India? 
14.) Which is the National Flower of India? 
Ans. Lotus
15.) Name of the National Bird of India is 
Ans. Peacock 
16.) Before accepting Tiger as National Animal of India, which of the following was National Animal? 
Ans. Lion 
17.) When was the unified National Calendar to be used for all official purposes introduced in India? 
Ans. 22 March 1957 
18.) Which is the first month of National Calendar of India? 
Ans. Chaitra 
19.) What is co-relation of first month of Indian National Calendar with Christian era calendar? 
Ans.  Chaitra 1 falling on 21 March in common years and 22 March in a leap year 
20.) The National Calendar of India is based on: 
Ans. Saka Era
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